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Offering online search options and storing more than 6800 volumes of both national and international collections, and 52 journals containing technical information and news, the library at ELIMS is one of the best in its kind. The electronic devices in the college offer unlimited access to students looking for further information on their course literature. The librarian helps the students to find resources to supplement their scholarly needs and support their creative and course-related assignments..


Digital library is systematically organized collections of information stored in digital format that are accessible over a computer network. Typical functions carried out in a traditional physical library such as selecting, organizing, making available to the end users and archiving the materials are digitalized in Digital Library. Digitized information may include books and other materials from libraries and archives. Information in digital library may also contain born digital material such as publications that are originally produced in digital formats and enormous quantities of raw data and software that are stored in digital repositories. Providing access to cultural and scientific digital content through digital library will play a key role in future growth of management professionals and aspirants.

Prominent Features;

  • Online and offline editions
  • Attractive Graphical user interface
  • Unlimited user registration
  • Downloadable and printable
  • Multi –User facility


The challenges of the information technology can be met only through proper guidance and modern infrastructure. With this goal in mind, the computer lab at the college is equipped with state-of-the-equipments to provide seamless access to all students.


To ensure travelling convenience to the students, ELIMS has its own college bus.


24X7 wifi Campus


The complete interactive language learning software with world class quality.
Acquiring proper communication skills is vital in today’s world in establishing exceptional compatibility and competitiveness. Language is the most complex form of communication is essential in conveying thoughts, ideas and emotions. A Language alb provides us with the most organized platform to acquire ultimate proficiency in languages by its unique process and method of learning.


ELIMS is free from the threat of ragging by forming an anti-ragging squad, and the disciplinary measures taken by the college against the accused confers to the rules mandated by the Central Government. If any student is found to be indulging in ragging within the campus or outside, it would cause him/her to be suspended until further enquiry.


The college provides separate hostel buildings for both boys and girls. The excellent facilities provided at the hostel make the students comfortable and homely. Well-furnished rooms, spacious dining rooms, hygienic cooking facilities, safe drinking water and required levels of security are the main attractions of the hostels.


The fully air conditioned spacious conference hall for ELIMS is ideally suited for placement interviews, important meetings with corporate heads, informal lunches, and staff meetings.


The well-built, hygienically maintained college canteen is another highlight of the college. Tailored to cater to the varying culinary needs of students from different parts of the country, the fully functional kitchen is extremely popular. A variety of Indian food and snack items are deliciously prepared for the students and staff. The canteen is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Foot Ball, Cricket and Volley Ball


Table Tennis, Carroms, Chess